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July 23, 2010 / andymoore76

Poor Little Trees

Lovely illustration / nature / art / design from the very talented Steven Burke

July 23, 2010 / andymoore76

Massive ears win the war


Ears 02

ears 03

July 13, 2010 / andymoore76


There are mixed feelings about this film… I fall fairly and squarely into the camp that loves it. Very similar looking and thematically to Rumblefish, which was a favourite of mine when I was in my late teens. The films looks amazing as you expect from Mr Coppola and I agree with these boys the title sequences which I missed at the cinema are pretty damn special, too busy enjoying the sunshine and cold beer

I also now more than ever really want to go to Buenos Aires.

February 27, 2010 / andymoore76

Look at me… I’m on a horse

January 12, 2010 / andymoore76

London rush hour, the way thing used to be

A great video from the archives, back in the day when travelling to work was a civilised, orderly and musical type of thing.

October 1, 2009 / andymoore76

Virgin Media Fantastic Journey TV ad

This ad is sublime. I love it. Bit more background can be found here

February 18, 2009 / andymoore76

Making Waves – Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet hero of photographing stuff has made a documentary about surfing using a Canon 5D mkII. Here’s a prelude.